This isn’t standard business coaching or career coaching.

This is Life Design and it’s personal!

Coaching is just a conversation; one dedicated to something that you’ve been thinking about and want to make sense of with the help of a fresh pair of ears. It is also about taking some action to move forward, even if those steps are to do some more thinking or more talking.

Time for you. Investment in you.

Do you need a career coach?

Career coaching can be about developing yourself within your current organisation or about exploring new roles or new fields entirely.

Maybe you’ve had good experiences of coaching at work; coaching to make you more productive, coaching by your boss. This is different. This is about me supporting your thinking as you explore what you want from your current organisation or a new one. And it’s quicker and more effective than working alone.

We can work flexibly and remotely to suit your situation and I will recommend the number of sessions that I think will help.

It’s a job to get a job.

How it works

There’s a little bit of formal paperwork to help us get started and I follow up each session with my reflections and any relevant links or resources.

The first session will always be about exploring in more detail what you want to achieve and setting ourselves some clear goals.

6 steps to simpler career choices

I use a variety of creative tools and frameworks to help you:

  • Take stock – of your priorities and values, explore your situation and your options
  • Develop your confidence – to step up, to network, to use LinkedIn
  • Discover what makes a good day at work for you
  • Create a brief for what your next role might be
  • Feel supported through any application and interview process
  • Develop routines and practices that you can use to develop your adaptability and resilience for future career moves

It’s a job to get a job. I use tried and tested tools and frameworks to really get you thinking but you need to be committed; to find time to do the exercises and prepare for the sessions; to be open-minded and develop your self- reflection and networking skills to get the best results.

Fiona Reith Career Development Coaching

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Fiona Reith Career Development Coaching

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