About Fiona

Me and my approach

Clients describe working with me as energising. They gain focus and they start doing small things that lead to bigger things that get them unstuck and back in the career game but this time with improved understanding of themselves and what they love doing.

I understand because I’ve been there. I am always reading and learning; I’m curious and hopeful about the huge range of opportunities that exist out there and I enjoy connecting people with those opportunities and seeing them realise their potential.

My coaching is informed by a life-long passion for self-development and books.

“Books are our maps.”

– Matt Haig

Fiona Reith Career Development Coaching


The game changers for me were…

Now Discover Your Strengths – find out what you are naturally good at and focus on that
Essentialism – determine where you can make the most impact and make it as effortless as you can
Designing Your Life – adopt the practical tools and mindset of a designer as you get curious about what you might do next; talk to people and try stuff!

Fiona Reith Career Development Coaching

I understand because I’ve been there

My previous experience was in large international corporations in business development. After my kids arrived I pivoted and transferred my skills into programme management in the public sector. I’ve worked for 10 years on projects transitioning young people into the world of work so I really understand what employers want and how the working world has changed. I started coaching 7 years ago – I have an ILM qualification and am an accredited DYL  & Fireworks coach and am an associate of the EMCC. I am insured and have a supervisor.

I continue to mentor young people on a voluntary basis and am happy to discuss my rates for anyone currently out of work.